The Results of The Dear Diary Process still blow me away… and I created the process and wrote the book! If I don’t use the process and get awesome results, why would I recommend it to you?

Stuart Walter

The Dear Diary Process

For years I have struggled with the traditional diary process. It just never made sense to me to write about what I had done in the past while focusing on what I had done wrong. Until I was introduced to Stuarts Dear Diary Process where I could focus on the positive outcomes that I wanted to achieve. It is common knowledge that like attracts like and this diary process is a strategic formula that ensures I am reaffirming who I am and what I want every single day. Repetition and consistency has been the key to my success and the diary process has been my anchor to making sure this daily routine was maintained.

Lisa Lockland- Bell

Executive Vocal Coach| Speaker |Presentation Trainer

Almost a month ago I was given the opportunity to unlock a tool I always had the ability to use, simply the concept had never occurred and I never had the understanding of just how powerful that tool could be. The Dear Diary Process is teaching me greater understanding everyday. I’ve been exposed to the opportunity of understanding value of the mind, the true growth that can be achieved simply through looking at things differently, approaching them differently but also feeling comfortable, confident and precise in that approach. Clarity around tasks, moving daily with intent and purpose. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to learn about the Dear Diary Process, it truly has changed me for the better and is something that will always be guiding me.

Jess Lea

2016 New Zealand National Umpire of the year

“The Dear Diary Process is the most fun and easy way to feel inspired, excited and hopeful when you wake up in the morning. All the wonderful things that start to happen straight away are just a bonus.”
And about Stuart Personally, “If I could give 10 out of 5 (for a rating) I would.
Stuart doesn’t just come into your life. He is a sign of serious and permanent change and growth. If you show up and do the work, your life will never be the same.
He is SO talented at what he does, super intuitive and he approaches every person differently with what they need as an individual. He is honest, which is refreshing and challenging, but ultimately means that you will become a much better version of yourself.
He is also a hilarious and engaging speaker, but he truly and genuinely cares about every single person he meets. A phenomenal human and working with him was the best thing I have ever done both personally and professionally”.

Monica Ferguson

Monica Ferguson photography

Everyone serious about their goals needs to own this book.
The book changed my life. Thank you.

Lewis Haydon

UK based Entrepreneur and Executive Coach.

“This is a GREAT process! it holds you to what you want to achieve and sets the outcomes in advance. It is very much about positive mindset and this keeps you accountable. I highly recommend The Dear Diary Process, get over any doubts and just do it!!! Thank you Stuart for sharing this”

Marie August

Founder of Juvenate, anti -aging skincare

WOW, I read the book at night and proceeded to write my first “Dear Diary: entry …. I didn’t sleep much that night as I was soooo excited for the day ahead haha. When the alarm went off I simply wanted to hit the ‘dismiss’ button and sleep all day BUT because I had already planned to “jump out of bed when the alarm went off, I had to. SO I Jumped out of bed and had a great day! How could I possibly change what had already happened !! ABSOLUTEY AMAZING. DREAM BELIEVE ACHIEVE

Debrorah Hamer

For me the first really amazing and instant benefit was eliminating sleepless nights worrying! I could rest easy knowing I had placed my order with the universe and that the outcome was already awesome so no need to stress! Next key benefit is that it works! Life is changing before my very eyes and it’s unreal how easy it is to do it.

Megan Hand


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